Clearedin uses powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to map out the trust levels of the relationships you share with customers, partners, and vendors. We combine this ongoing learning and knowledge with powerful end-user tools to engage, educate, and protect your employees.

Clearedin Identity Graph

The Clearedin Identity Graph is a self-curating model of the relationships your employees have with people outside your organization. Dynamically generated Trust Scores deliver valuable reputation management insight to automate the flagging of trusted and untrusted applications or users.This unique approach requires no administrative maintenance and provides your business with a powerful, dynamic Machine Learning-fed data stream to protect users without overloading your IT / Security team.

Secure Your Email

With Clearedin, your users are gain clear visual cues about specific messages that are suspicious and why. The messages are locked preventing users from clicking on links, replying or forwarding the messages, or downloading any attachments.

Clearedin also provides users with actionable information about why messages are being flagged to better educate them on real-world threats while keeping them safe.

  • Visual aids for suspicious messages
  • Actionable info
  • Powerful defense
  • Instant awareness

Collaboration / Chat

As organizations rapidly move to Teams and Slack, especially based on working from home or remote locations, it’s possible for attackers to silently hijack those channels the same way they attack via email.

Clearedin gives your entire organization a powerful defense against suspicious senders on Teams and Slack by providing unified visibility granularly across all application channels and warning and protecting employees about suspicious users and content.

File Sharing

Clearedin gives IT and security teams the ability to look across all user file share apps and quickly spot the files being inappropriately shared with untrusted users.

Clearedin delivers unified protection across a variety of file sharing platforms including:

Video Conferencing

Clearedin maps attendees on your video calls into your Clearedin Identity Graph and highlights any unknown or untrusted attendees in real-time. Clearedin delivers unified protection across most popular video conferencing platforms including:

Incident Response

The Clearedin Dashboard gives security admins a fast and unified view into security incidents across every communication and collaboration channel.

  • Phishing Emails
  • Dangerous chat messages
  • Inappropriate file shares

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