Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Quickly spotlight sensitive files and documents that are being inappropriately shared across all your Cloud Collaboration channels including OneDrive, SharePoint, G-Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

Identify Untrusted Collaborators

Many DLP incidents happen due to an inadvertent file share with an unknown recipient. The Clearedin Identity Graph keeps an up-to-date record of trusted people and domains outside of your organization to prevent this from happening.

Spotlight Bad Shares

The Clearedin dashboard gives you fast visibility into the needles in the haystack -- those files and documents that are being shared with anonymous links or with unknown or untrusted collaborators.You can quickly drill down into the specifics of a particular employee, recipient, or file share.

Analyze and Remediate

Clearedin gives you fast visibility into inappropriate shares including the owner and any collaborators, and empowers you to take fast corrective actions including:

  • Tagging a file as non-sensitive
  • Permitting the share
  • Eliminating the share

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Stop targeted attacks on email, Slack, Zoom, and Box with Clearedin’s active defense technology.
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