SOC Overload

Strengthen your security posture and reduce the load on your already overworked SOC.


Reduce White Noise

Clearedin immediately reduces the white noise for your SOC by:

  • Powerful AI reduces false positives and improves the "catch rate" of actual attacks
  • In-app training educates users about why a particular message could be dangerous
  • Clearedin locks emails with Active Defense so users can't inadvertently engage with bad messages
  • Clearedin empowers users to stay productive without bothering the SOC

Focus on What Matters

The Clearedin dashboard gives you real-time visibility into your highest priority threats across all your cloud collaboration channels
  • Email
  • File Sharing
  • Chat & Collaboration
  • Video Conferencing

Powerful Threat-Hunting

Clearedin gives your SOC powerful threat-hunting capabilities to assess the danger from a a particular incident. Analysts can also pivot around specific facets of an attack to identify and aggregate other threats that match the same parttern.

  • Sender Domain
  • Sender Email
  • Sender Name
  • IP Address
  • Filename
  • And many more!


Analysts can instantly purge threats across all channels right from the Clearedin dashboard with just a couple of clicks. Within seconds those threats are vaporized from email, Slack, Teams, SharePoint, and all your other cloud channels.