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We’re eliminating phishing inside Slack


Clearedin is attacking the phishing problem in a completely new way. By understanding an organization’s communication patterns and rhythms, Clearedin is able to build a rich, dynamic framework for identifying legitimate communications, and flag potential phishing with tremendous accuracy.

This app connects Slack users with our Clearedin services and provides protection based on our robust phish prevention algorithms. We help users scan their workspaces and figure out suspicious activities from their Slack conversations. We also provide real-time defense before users engage in suspicious activities.

Our Features


Get a Security Report for a Channel

Clearedin gives you fast visibility into the different users on a particular channel, including a risk score and a readout of any suspicious links or URLs they may have posted.


Scan Suspicious Activities in a Workplace

Clearedin gives you visibility into your entire workspace, so you can quickly see which channels and which users are exposing you to the most risk.


Provide Real-Time Defense

Clearedin “unpacks” shortened URLs and follows URL redirects so that your users get real-time warnings about suspicious URLs as they’re shared in your Slack workspace.


Slash Command /clearedin - scan suspicious activities in all channels

Slash Command /clearedin channel_name - get report for a specific channel

Slash Command /clearedin-report - get report for the current channel

Real-Time phish detection - triggered automatically once you installed this app

Clearedin + Slack = Safe Chat

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