Clearedin + Slack

Keep your employees safe on Slack by warning them about suspicious users and dangerous content. Get integrated visibility into threats across Slack and all your Cloud Collaboration channels.


The Clearedin dashboard gives you instant and integrated visibility of threats and exposures across Slack and all your Cloud Collaboration channels. Get an immediate view into what triggered the incident and which channels / workspaces were impacted and click-through to dive deeper for more context and remediation.

Spot Suspicious Users

Get an instant-read on external users as they join Shared Workspaces and Shared Channels. Understand the domain trust score and user trust score before you interact with them.

Flag Dangerous Content

Clearedin scans dangerous links in real-time so that your users understand what is being posted before they have a chance to interact with it.


The Clearedin dashboard allows you to quickly eliminate threats as soon as they happen. Remove suspicious users and purge dangerous content with just a simple click.

Clearedin + Slack

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