Clearedin for Microsoft Teams

ClearedIn gives you a powerful security and compliance layer to unleash Teams’ full potential while keeping your users and company safe. Clearedin helps users understand exactly who they’re collaborating with and scans communication for dangerous or inappropriate links or content.

  • Provide a real-time risk score on each new user that joins a channel
  • Scan links, including redirects, and alert users on dangerous content
  • Monitor and alert for credentials, PII, and other sensitive data
  • Alert and Remediate if files are inappropriately shared
  • Threat hunt across all Microsoft 365 channels including Email and OneDrive
“Clearedin adds a layer of antiphishing to protect our team and global clients from non-static attacks and unintentional human error.”

– Adam Reeds, CEO

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Stop targeted attacks on email, Slack, Zoom, and Box with Clearedin’s active defense technology.
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