Administrator Signup

Use this option if you’re responsible for email security at your organization. You’ll be guided through a process where you can either “force deploy” Clearedin for subsets of your users or all your users, or you can notify users to enroll on their own. In any scenario, you will have total dashboard visibility into suspicious and dangerous domains that your organization is interacting with.

  • For example
  • prof-x@xmen.com,
    admin@xmen.com or admin@school.com

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Individual Signup

Use this option to sign up as an individual with either your personal account or your work account. With this option, only your own emails will be analyzed, and we’ll flag and block phish when they arrive in your Inbox.


  • For example
  • logan@gmail.com, wolverine@xmen.com, 
    teacher@gmail.com or teacher@school.edu

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