Platforms Overview

Clearedin uses powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to block socially-engineered phishing attacks that maliciously share B2B app user information.

Clearedin Platform

Businesses use a core set of business applications to conduct a vast amount of their customer, service, and productivity jobs. Research firm Strategy Analytics predicts that growing user demand will drive the B2B apps market to $140 billion by 2023. Socially-engineered attack vectors expose many popular B2B apps including collaboration, file share, chat, and email platforms to an endless list of nightmare scenarios and potentially disastrous consequences for businesses, their users, partners, and customers.

Leveraging AI

Clearedin protects your Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite and popular file share and chat environments using machine learning to rapidly establish trusted and non-trusted users for safe collaboration. B2B applications offer massive productivity enhancements through time savings and improved efficiency. Clearedin adds an AI-engrained platform to block socially-engineered phishing attacks that maliciously share user information and potentially pose great harm.

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Stop targeted attacks on email, Slack, Zoom, and Box with Clearedin’s active defense technology.
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