As savvy technologists know, machine learning is dependent on interactive training to make continuous improvements in pattern recognition. We engage users by providing them with interesting and useful insights into their own communication patterns, and use their feedback to constantly refine our security models to better protect our clients.

Clearedin is attacking the phishing problem in a completely new way. By understanding an organization’s communication patterns and rhythms, Clearedin is able to build a rich, dynamic framework for identifying legitimate communications, and flag potential phishing with tremendous accuracy.

Combining the powerful concepts of social graph theory and machine learning, Clearedin obviates the need for user training—which is both irritating and ineffective—and for intrusive red-flagging of all the external mail that gets tuned out.


Clearedin starts by building a social graph of how your users communicate—within their team, elsewhere in your organization, and with your customers, suppliers, prospects, and partners.


Next, we engage your users with interesting and useful insights about how they communicate—with whom, how quickly, how frequently, and over what period of time. Their interactions with us helps us better understand how your organization communicates as a whole.


The end result is a strong and ever-improving security fabric that red-flags dangerous emails without being an intrusion on your users. Quick to deploy and transparent to consume, we deliver another strong layer in your email security defenses.

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