Clearedin + Office 365

Clearedin delivers powerful protection and visibility across all O365 channels: Email, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Secure your users against phishing attacks on Email and Teams, and prevent data leakage (DLP) from SharePoint and OneDrive.

Omnichannel Dashboard (new)


The Clearedin dashboard gives you instant visibility of threats and exposures across all your O365 channels. Get an immediate view into what triggered the incident and who is impacted and click-through to dive deeper for more context and remediation.

Outlook Inbox

Outlook Thick Client

Clearedin gives users visual cues as to which messages are suspicious and why. The messages are locked so that they can’t click on links, reply or forward the messages, or download any attachments.

Clearedin also gives your users actionable information as to why messages are being flagged to better educate them on real-world threats while keeping them safe.

  • Turn your users’ most popular email client into a Security Assistant
  • Educate users in the teachable moment on real-world threats
  • Use actual phish, not stylized phishing tests
  • Protect users at the point of attack

Outlook Web (OWA)

  • Get the same rich UX for education and security that your users love in Outlook
  • Supported across a variety of browsers
  • Alert, Educate, and Protect your users within their normal email workflow
Outlook mobile

Outlook Mobile App

  • No desktop, no problem
  • Cross-platform support anywhere that Outlook can run
  • Phish alerts, educational context, and feedback controls

Microsoft Teams

  • Warn users about dangerous content
  • Real-time alerts when Guest / External Users join Teams Channels
  • Instant domain / reputation scores
File Sharing Dashboard

SharePoint & OneDrive

  • Detect files being shared with unknown / untrusted recipients
  • Contextual data on collaborators and owners
  • One-click teardown of inappropriate shares in real-time
Click to Purge


The Clearedin dashboard allows you to quickly eliminate threats as soon as they happen. Eliminate bad shares on OneDrive and SharePoint, remove bad content from Teams, purge phishing emails from all impacted accounts, all with a simple click.

Clearedin + Office 365

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