Invoice & Payment Fraud

Prevent vendor impersonation, invoice fraud, and other financial attacks.

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Vendors and Customers

The Clearedin Identity Trust Graph already knows who your trusted suppliers and customers are. It is able to quickly identify unknown senders, particularly those that are impersonating people you already know and trust.

Invoice Handlers and VIPs

Protect Your Finance Organization

Clearedin allows you to define users (and groups) as Invoice Handlers. Emails delivered to those users are given extra levels of scrutiny to ensure that the communication is trusted and safe, and that the domain or user isn't being spoofed in any way.

Evil Twin-1

Vendor Impersonation

Clearedin uses powerful pattern-matching algorithms to determine if someone is sending you an email from a domain that is suspiciously close to a vendor or customer that you already trust. By factoring in other indicators like age and reputation, Clearedin is able to spot attackers trying to use lookalike domains to compromise your finance and accounting employees.

Active Defense - Locked

Active Defense

Clearedin locks the email so that the user cannot engage with it in any way, keeping them and your organization safe from attack.

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