Clearedin+ Google Suite Integration

We’re eliminating phishing inside G Suite


Email is still the backbone for the overarching majority of internal and external organizational communication. It is also the most common attack vector for all manner of phishing attacks including Business Email Compromise (BEC) and the deployment of malware.

Clearedin provides a robust, multi-layered defense to protect the heart of your organizational communications. Suspicious emails are flagged so users immediately are aware of the risk, and the emails are locked so that users can’t click on links, download attachments, or reply to or forward the emails.

Our Features


Immediately See Suspicious Email

Suspicious emails are clearly marked right in your Inbox. Even before you click on an email, you have an idea that something phishy could be going on.


Feedback Toolbar

Once you’re reading an email, you continue to get a clear warning that the email may be dangerous. You also have an easy way of confirming whether it’s dangerous or letting us know that the email is legitimate.


Active Defense

Clearedin locks up the email so that it cannot be replied to or forwarded unless you explicitly mark it as safe.


Link Security

Any links in suspicious emails are also locked. Hovering over a link gives you additional context on why the link is considered suspicious. Clearedin also unpacks and follows shortened URLs and URL redirects further protecting you from common phishing attack vectors.

Clearedin + Gmail = Safe Email

Discover how Clearedin can keep your Gmail protected.