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Slack security: Why You Need It

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Slack grows wherever it goes.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s play out a short dialogue:

You own Slack and…

Your sales reps, customer service team, developers, and engineers have created public workspaces and channels.

Now, seemingly overnight, there is a deluge of 3rd party apps fully integrated into your Slack environment which employees are now using to cross-share data, files, and content, both within and outside your company.

Sound familiar?

If not, it's coming your way.

If you work in IT and you're a Slack administrator, this is probably your reality.

You're on this blog. You're thinking about security.

Do I need more security for Slack? 🤔

Let's ask the market. Here's an inside view from a current Slack customer (5000 employees):

Slack Connect: My employees are receiving random Slack Connect invite requests. My Slack Admins can't verify the safety of the outside invite request natively within Slack. This is a manual review for Slack Admins, which is not scalable for their time.
File Sharing: My developers and sales reps are sharing unformatted data and files over Slack channels. My CISO has no way to audit this behavior natively in Slack.
Customer Communication: Sales reps and developers are creating customer-facing channels in Slack. My CISO needs a way to govern these connections besides an all-or-nothing “yes/no” switch. This doesn't exist natively within Slack.

There's no way around it: if you want visibility and control in Slack, you need an assist.

Clearedin: here to help secure your Slack workspace

Clearedin takes a unique approach to solving security challenges when it comes to Slack:

  1. We start with visibility. Clearedin’s Identity Graph assesses every incoming Slack Connect request email for trustworthiness. Each request email gets a contextual banner that provides employees with specific guidance about whether the request is authentic or not.
  2. Then, we institute control with security and compliance policy. Our Slack bot scans for PII, URLs, domains and content, while auto-remediating rogue entrants that enter Slack and Slack Connect channels.

Slack security is possible, and Clearedin can help you get there!

Whatever path you choose to secure your Slack workspace, keep the above scenarios - Slack Connect, File Sharing, and Customer Communication - in mind.

You should create protocols to handle each one.

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