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Boost Employee Phishing Know-How with Teachable Moments

November 14, 2018
Savvy organizations know they can no longer ignore today’s phishing epidemic. Just when they think they have a handle on the situation, the phish evolves, becoming even more sophisticated to gain the trust of unsuspecting employees. So what can organizations do to fight back? Many turn to the tried-and-true method of the awareness training program. But is that enough?
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How Phishing Defense Is Like Herd Immunity

October 18, 2018
You know the signs: Fever, chills, aches, a cough, maybe a sore throat. Yep, you’ve caught a virus. Similarly, your computer has some telltale warning signs designed to let you know when it has caught a virus too—slow performance, unexpected pop-ups, missing files, crashes, and error messages. Of course, most malware delivered through email phishing scams doesn’t want to be ...
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