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Privacy and Security Are Not Mutually Exclusive

February 20, 2019
In a time when people are used to waiving their right to privacy in exchange for access to exclusive services, users have become conditioned to believe that their privacy is a secondary concern to security. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Contrary to what some service solutions providers may tell you, privacy and security are not mutually exclusive and each should be treated with the utmost consideration.
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What to Know about CEO Fraud & What to Do as a Victim

January 23, 2019
For hackers, business email compromise (BEC) is the holy grail of phishing. Run-of-the-mill phishing is much like fishing with dynamite: They throw a stick of it overboard and know it will hit at least some of the “fish” (potential email victims) in the targeted area. While many fish will escape unharmed, the attackers know that if they keep throwing sticks of dynamite ...
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