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How Clearedin Email Protection Software Leaves Privacy Intact

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In our data-driven world, email privacy issues and data security are hot-button topics for legislators, consumers, and companies alike. As the world gets more technologically advanced and the need for data privacy increases, businesses must do everything within their power to protect user data and personally identifiable information (PII).

Employee emails are often viewed as a vulnerability to companies because they often contain phishing lures, malware, and other forms of malicious content. The solutions that some businesses have implemented include email security awareness training, endpoint security solutions, and secure email gateways. However, these solutions are not comprehensive and leave gaping holes in your email security defense and puts data privacy at risk.

Many businesses rely on their email platform’s built-in security solutions, which are often effective only to a point and can easily be evaded by hackers and phishers. These and other solutions also rely on “reading” the content of your email, eliminating any semblance of privacy. Thankfully, more modern email protection software solutions exist that offer more effective comprehensive protection.

How to Protect Your Email and Data Privacy Simultaneously

What is Email Protection Software and How Does It Work?

In general, an email protection tool aims to protect a business from spam, malware, and phishing-related email threats. However, many platforms fall short because they can easily be fooled by hackers who use some modern tricks. While this poses a significant problem for businesses of all sizes, it raises significant concerns for small and mid-size businesses in particular.

According to Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report (ITSR), although the occurrence of phishing emails have decreased over the last two years, they still pose a significant threat to small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and to organizations that use Microsoft Office:

“In 2018, employees of small organizations were more likely to be hit by email threats—including spam, phishing, and email malware—than those in large organizations… Symantec telemetry shows that Microsoft Office users are the most at risk of falling victim to email-based malware, with Office files accounting for 48 percent of malicious email attachments, jumping from 5 percent in 2017.”

How Clearedin Anti Phishing Software Can Help

What is the secret for how to prevent phishing emails and effectively protect your company’s email accounts, technology, and data as a whole? The solution lies in the work of email protection software and anti phishing service providers like Clearedin.

Clearedin is a comprehensive and effective phishing prevention solution that protects, engages, and educates your employees — just from analyzing your email metadata and without reading message contents or attachments. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology, this email protection software creates a business trust graph to serve as an organizational communications model. The trust graph is used to validate any incoming and outgoing communications to assess their risk.

What is the Clearedin Trust Graph and How Does It Work?

The Clearedin trust graph is a tool that analyzes the metadata from all email, chat, and collaboration platforms (such as G Suite [including Gmail], Office365, and Slack) to determine whether any communications stand out as unusual. It does this by assessing:

  • The frequencies and behaviors of sender and recipient communications,
  • Changes to email addresses and hyperlinks, and
  • Other coding changes that are hidden within each email’s metadata.

This adaptive email protection software provides you with a comprehensive perspective of your organization’s communication behaviors and risk profile across those channels. As dangerous or suspicious emails are received, they are identified and automatically flagged. The users are informed about why the communications are marked as suspicious so they can make an informed decision about whether to unlock or engage with them.

As the platform learns and becomes more familiar with the patterns of communications, it becomes an even more secure defense over time. This helps your business avoid being dependent exclusively on fallible solutions such as employee awareness training.

How Clearedin Secures Email Without Compromising Privacy

Because our email protection software analyzes only the metadata from your organization’s email and chat communications, it means that the content of those messages remains private. Unlike other phishing prevention solutions, Clearedin does not need to “read” any of those messages to determine whether they present cyber security threats to your business or customers.

The Clearedin Dashboard gives both users and administrators an overview of suspicious and dangerous emails without them having to access employee emails directly. With a quick view of what emails are marked as phish or suspicious, admins can provide feedback with a single click.

Don’t compromise the privacy of your company, employees, and customers in the name of security. With Clearedin’s email protection software, you can enjoy a solution that exclusively analyzes communications metadata to increase security and enhance the safety and health of your company.

To learn more about Clearedin and what our email protection software and dashboard have to offer, be sure to contact our team of cyber security experts today.

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