BEC / Spear Phishing

Stop the targeted attacks that inevitably leak through your email gateway.

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Identity Trust Graph

The Clearedin Identity Trust Graph is a digital map of your trusted contacts. We use Machine Learning and AI to constantly curate it and keep it up-to-date as your organization builds new trust relationships. The Trust Graph allows Clearedin to quickly identify attackers that are impersonating your trusted contacts.

Evil Twin-1

Lookalike Domains

Clearedin uses powerful pattern-matching algorithms to determine if someone is sending you an email from a domain that is suspiciously close to one that you already trust. By factoring in other indicators like age and reputation, Clearedin is able to spot attackers trying to use lookalike domains to compromise your employees.

Active Defense - Warn and Train

Alert and Educate

Clearedin flags the email and educates the user in the "teachable moment"

  • Tooltips provide details about why the email was flagged
  • "What others think" -- How many of their colleagues found this email suspicious
  • Highlights links based on their threat level in real-time
  • Annotates "danger words" that are commonly used in phishing attacks
Active Defense - Locked

Active Defense

Clearedin locks the email so that the user cannot engage with it in any way, keeping them and your organization safe from attack.

  • Links are unclickable
  • Reply / Forward disabled
  • Attachments stripped