Clearedin: Building the Communications Trust Graph


The Trust Graph

Our platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn how each user interacts over various channels--from email to Slack--to build a "Trust Graph." This organizational model analyzes internal and external communication patterns (not content), like messaging cadence and length, to construct personalized clusters of trusted contacts--meaning easier, faster, and more comprehensive phishing defense. 

This trust graph is the foundation of Clearedin’s anti-phishing and cyberdefense capabilities. As new emails and Slack messages are directed to your organization Clearedin validates them against the graph and assesses their risk profile. The graph continues to evolve with your organization to create a security mesh that starts strong and gets stronger over time.


The Clearedin Dashboard

The Clearedin Dashboard gives users and security admins a fast view into suspicious and dangerous emails. Users can quickly see why emails have been marked as suspicious or as phish, and they can provide feedback with a single click.

Admins get a rich look at the domains and users with which their organization is communicating — with suspicious activity clearly called out so they can drill down into that activity to fine-tune their defenses.


Stay Safe with Active Defense

Unlike other solutions, Clearedin gives you an Active Defense against phishing attacks. Instead of relying on training and other fallible measures, Clearedin immediately labels and disarms suspicious or malicious messages. Your users are given clear visual cues as to which messages are suspicious and the messages are locked such that they can’t click on links, reply or forward the messages, or download any attachments.

Clearedin also gives your users actionable information as to why messages are being flagged so that they can make an intelligent decision as to whether or not to unlock them. This critical defensive measure at the exact point of attack is how Clearedin protects your users, your organization, and your brand.


Clearedin builds its Business Graph based on communication patterns across a variety of platforms including email, collaboration, and chat.

This gives you a cohesive view into your organization’s communications behavior, and risk profile, across all channels, empowering you to better understand and better protect your firm.

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